gTIE is a statement. It is an innovative neckwear and accessory brand for men and women. The ready made collection offers new ideas for traditional ties and gives functional and innovative designs to wear as accessories.

gTIE is a mixture of silk, silver and Finnish arctic deer leather. All arctic deers pasture freely on the harsh mountain-sides or fells of Lapland and only a limited amount of hides are produced. Each piece in gTIE’s ready made collection is made in Finland.

Dares to be him/herself, avangardish, modernist, trendsetter, edgy

Errance Paris, Rick Owens, Demeulemeester



The Designer of gTIE, Jenni Ahtiainen is always hungry for new innovations. Her creativity does not only stand out in accessory design, she has other good shit going on aswell like:

  • interior design
  • product design
  • NFC concepting
  • haptic innovation project
  • new leather innovation



gTIE collection is based on two lines; ready made collection and bespoke tailored collection where the client’s wishes are the basis of the whole design and detailing of the piece. Each piece in the custom made collection is carefully crafted and designed not only to stand out on its own but to bring out the uniqueness and specialness of it’s carrier.

Instead of the traditional accessory design lines gTIE’s custom made collection concentrates on exceptional choice of shapes and materials such as studs, lace, patterns and embroidery.

Custom made collection is not meant to serve only celebrities allthought its where our models catch mostly audience . gTIE custom made collection serves You, on the day or night you want it to.

For more information contact the Designer & Executive Force
Jenni Ahtiainen: / 00 358 400 427 876



gTIE is an accessory brand for everyone who dares to be themselves. We offer an alternative to traditional men’s ties and women’s accessories.


Our business is based on honesty, responsibility and openness. We respect our environment. Our designs are high quality time and wear enduring accessories. We monitor quality at each phase of the production process.

gTIE in 2017

In 2017 gTIE focuses more on new innovations, b2b customers and co-branding.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.


Thanks to Emmi Holopainen, Mikko Rasila, Onni Tappola, Nadi Hammouda, Matti Piiroinen, Juha Immonen, Nana Simelius, Mikko Puttonen, Diana Luganski, Dorit Salutskij, Sakari Röyskö, Kalle Kirjalainen, Emilia Ikäheimo.